July 16, 2018

Testing webfiles.umn.edu

This page is set up to test direct links to documents on webfiles.umn.edu.

  1. Test doc in my home space

 Result: Does not work from home space.



from “user help”:

Sharing files/folders for your own visitors

You can create own shares i.e provide access to your folder/file for your own visitors. Select needed folder/file and click from context menu  “Create public link”. This feature provides anonymous access to the folder/file. Any user, even that has no account at web file manager, may download or upload files via public link. Public link to the folder allows to download both whole folder (packed in archive) and some files. You can leave email to get notifications about visitors activity.

NOTE: I do not see a “create public link” option anywhere. This option appears to be turned off? The lack of ability to share this file means there’s no way to link to it from an external site.





I added a file using the web interface. When I went to “Share > Map Web Folders” it told me I needed to have installed “Microsoft web folders update”. This could be an issue for people.


Trying to run the exe pops up a window asking to run a differently-named file called rosebud.exe


Hmm. I finally realized that “map web folders” was just the same as mapping a network drive to the webfiles.umn.edu folder. Not quite what I was trying to do.


Link from shared space:

  1. You can link to a URL like https://webfiles.umn.edu/HTCOMNET/Handlers/Download.ashx?action=view&file=CFANS%2FDept%2FMedia%2FCFADM%20Comm%20Team%2FWebGraphics/12MinnesotaHardy.pdf (this is a PDF in the Comm Team folder) but it will require you to log in to view it. There does not appear to be a way to make a document world-viewable.